Gear S 4000&6000-Vozol's First Prefilled Pod System In New Zealand
Scarlett 27 Sep 2023

Dear customers,


Thanks for your support of the Vozol. In order to meet your needs we have specially developed a new product Gear S 4000&6000 for you.  It is now available in New Zealand, and we are offering a buy one get one free promotion. Welcome everyone to actively participate.


This product has a unique mechanical buckle design, which has the characteristics of outdoor, fashion, decompression and hygiene. At the same time, this function requires extremely high structural design to ensure product quality. Before the product arrives in your hands, in order to conduct multiple locking tests without damaging the original pod, we added a gel-like material to the groove on the side of the pod to protect the original shape of the pod. When initial assembly, a white gel-like substance may appear on the top of the side groove. This is normal and removing it will aid in pod assembly.


Please refer to the following picture for the steps of using the product.

How to use the Child Lock Function?


Turn On

Take 3 consecutive sips within 2 seconds, the device will turn on the child lock function and the LED indicator light will flash 3 times. No vapor comes out while continuing to vape.



When the child lock is on:

  1. The device will not work if you vape and the LED indicator will flash 4 times continuously.
  2. The LED indicator will not light up when the pod is installed.


Turn Off

Take 3 consecutive sips within 2 seconds, and the vapor can come out after the second puff. The device will turn off the child lock function and work normally.


How to check battery level?

The battery level is indicated by 3 LED lights.

3 lights on: Power60%

2 lights on: 20%Power60%

1 light on: Power20%

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