Arthur Hansen 21 Jun 2022

VV-man is the Mascot of VOZOL. VOZOL is the first vape brand who has Mascot in the industry.

V-man, born in 2021, he is a cool gentleman from the outer planet. A charming man who has pioneering and exploring spirit, also a handsome guy who leading fashion.

V-man represents the inner core of Vozol. Willing to be the leading explorer in the vape industry, the trendy of worldwide Z generation, the advocator of fashion lifestyle.

V-Shape Mask

The idea is coming from the “V�?of VOZOL logo, using the same design with the different height of the “V�?top.

Vape Shape Jet Pack

The design is based on VOZOL D6 dual flavors disposable pod. Two drip tips displayed upside down can work as jet pack nozzle to support power. With jet pack, V-man can fly to anywhere.

Energy Indicator

Coming from Vozol Meshstick Max LED indicator. Can show how much energy is left for V-man.

USB Charging Ear

The shape comes from Vozol Meshstick Max USB charging. Can recharge energy when power run out, also can listen to music.

Vozol Tie

As a cool gentleman, V-man always wears his tie, with Vozol Logo on it.

6 Themes Of V-man

Initially, we create 6 themes of V-man and will use them as mystery stickers to put in each product. The themes are Space, Skateboard, Music, Game, Extreme sport and Graffiti. We will hold some events to attract consumers to collect all stickers. Also we will start many marketing campaigns to promo V-man. In the future we will design more peripherals products and hold more related marketing events.

Let’s looking forward to future events and you will fall in love with V-man!

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